Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Note: The Fishing Derby is organized by volunteers and supported by generous businesses and individuals in the area.


These are the results for 2006 1st fishing derby




1st Fishing Derby


The 2006 Fishing Derby results for the 1st fishing derby are as follows: f                                                                                                          

Contest Age group Award Name Result
Most fish 4 and under 1st place Kalia Aiwohi 4 fish,  .31ozs
2nd place Kendall McIntyre 4 fish,  .29ozs
5 - 8 1st place James Aders 4 fish,  2.37lbs
2nd place Craig Zschach 4 fish,  1.89lbs
9 - 12 1st place AJ Brown 4 fish,  2.46lbs
2nd place Rachael Zschach 4 fish,  .31ozs
13 -15 1st place Keana Aiwohi 4 fish 1.77lbs
2nd place Sam O'Neil 1 fish 1.55lbs
Biggest fish 4 and under 1st place Austin Soden 1.75lbs
5 - 8 1st place Cody Baker 1.92lbs
9 - 12 1st place Nick Garicia .95ozs
13 -15 1st place Sam O'Neil 1.55lbs
Casting 4 and under 1st place Tosca Chelin 9 pts
2nd place Russel Lusk 5 pts
5 - 8 1st place Zachary Zenther 9 pts
2nd place Luciano Tufo 7 pts
2nd place Nathan Thomas 7 pts
2nd place Micahel Edgar 7 pts
9 - 12 1st place Marius Roacle 21 pts
2nd place Milan Kangrgh 14 pts
2nd place Kelsey Weise 14 pts
13 -15 1st place Mike Mitchell 21 pts

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